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Helping Senior Citizens

We go through many changes as we get older. Those changes create needs which may require adjustments in your insurance coverages.


"What happens when I become eligible for Medicare?"  We are told Medicare will cover, on average, about 2/3 of all your medical bills.  You are responsible for the other 1/3, and 1/3 of a big bill can be lots of money.  You can purchase Medicare Coverage's to help you with your share of the bills.  Many plans are offered through many companies.  If you would like help sorting through different plans and companies to find the one which is best for you, contact us.


Do you need an income you cannot out live?  Are you paying taxes on interest income and want to reduce your taxes?  Immediate or Deferred Annuities might be right for you.  For information, contact us.

Long Term Care

Many of us will reach a point where we are no longer able to take complete and proper care of ourselves.  Statistics tell us the probability is over 50/50 that at least one partner in a senior couple will spend significant time in a long term care situation.  Medicare is not designed to pay for this type of care.  Do you want to move in with family?  Do you have family who are able and willing to move in with you?  What economic and emotional toll will you and your family pay?  Care can cost several thousand dollars a month.  Would the expenses eat up your life savings?  Wouldn't you rather maintain dignity and control?  Insurance can help.  Policies are available to help you to stay in your own home or cover costs of care elewhere.  Let us help you review your needs.  To learn more, you can "Find an Agent" or contact our office.

Final Expenses

Easy to buy, competetively priced life insurance policies are available at almost any age to help with your final expenses. To learn more, contact us.

Dental Coverage

Recent information indicates that about 20% of health problems are traceable to tooth and gum disease.  Proper dental care can help us enjoy longer healthier lives.  Dental insurance can help you with the costs of proper dental care. You can "Find an Agent" to help you, or contact us directly.